Katherine Brandon

Boeing Co., Software Engineer, Washington USA

"I had one last meeting with my therapist and thanked her for her efforts and told her I no longer needed her thanks to Sierra Bender and her 4 Body Fit Method. She exclaimed, "Who is this Sierra?!" A force to be reckoned with who empowers all who are fortunate enough to work with.."

Mary Patricia Powers

General, US Navy, USA

"Working in a very male dominating field, I forgot to respect my feminine self. I learned so much more than I expected. I didn't need therapy or Xanax. I simply needed a way to replenish and nurture myself and Sierra showed me how to do that."

Denise Jenks

Midwife, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, New York, USA

"Best program I ever did. It awakened things in me that were dormant, feelings that I did not think existed for me. After two failed marriages, I am on the right path to establishing a loving relationship first with myself. I was not a failure; I just didn't know what power I could have. "

Nancy Bures

Health Care and Yoga Teacher

This course YOU will be empowered, you will be challenged and most of all, you will be reminded of the innate strength and womanhood you possess within. We each have a very special gift, voice and a unique message we bring into the world and through this course, you will learn just how important you are, how important you should feel no matter but how truly your voice and your person counts. You are somebody!